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1.  Approval.  Unless otherwise approved by the Board:

(a)  Only current or former members of the club who were members at least 6 months are eligible for eMembership.

(b)  New members who wish to become an eMember must first complete the 90 Day Sprint Red Badge Program.

(c)   eMembers must have met all financial requirements.

2.  Attendance.

(a)   eMembers are expected to attend meetings through existing RI established on-line e-Clubs, regular meetings at this club or other clubs, and/or meetings and events that count as make-ups.

(b)   eMembers must participate in club projects or other events and activities for at least 12 hours in each half of the year to receive attendance credit for those events.

3.  Holding office.  eMembers are not entitled to hold any club officer position but are encouraged to work with club committees and on club events.

4.  Bulletin and communication. eMembers will receive electronically the club’s weekly bulletin/newsletter and regular club communications.

5.  The Rotarian magazine.The club will pay for an eMember’s copy of the magazine.

6.  Financial obligations. eMembers will have the following financial obligations:

(a)  RI dues: RI dues apply.

(b)  Club dues: Same as for an active member.

(c)   Meal/beverage costs: When attending a club meeting, the same as for any guest.

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